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Story Crawler

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An intelligent news and information gathering software product. This innovative solution intelligently searches and gathers information across multiple online platforms—whether it be social media, news articles, blogs, RSS feeds, video sites forums and user generated content—to bring users the most relevant real-time data.

The Future Of Search

Curated Content. All at your fingertips.

The Overwhelming Truth

The Problem

Keeping up with the tidal wave of information online can be overwhelming and time consuming for almost every Internet user. While social media has brought an unprecedented exchange of information, it has also created information overload.

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The Solution

The Solution

an extremely powerful information-gathering engine in order to find unique and meaningful content in the middle of an information overload.

Which is exactly why we built Story Crawler.

Curation EngineCuration Engine

Far More Powerful

than the current array of search engines. Story Crawler’s content curation engine has the ability to constantly fetch intelligent results that hone in on the user’s specific needs, even when they are away from their computer.

Social Media ToolsSocial Media Tools

Social Media Outlets

are just one of the few specific targets that Story Crawler has the ability to look into; with various filters for research based upon date, source accuracy, and relevance.

SEO FeatureSEO Feature

A Better Return

on investment than other SEO companies, Story Crawler can drive natural, organic search results, and costs far less to generate web site traffic.