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Trending Business News over last 3 days

Reporter covering fire evacuates

SPJ Press Notes

L.A. Times writer Catherine Saillant on covering California wildfires while simultaneously evacuating her home.

World’s first 3D-printer gun fired

BBC News

The world’s first gun made using a 3D printer is successfully tested in the US by a group planning to make the blueprints available online.

Are all telephone calls recorded and accessible to the US government? | Glenn Greenwald

Media ReDEFined by jason hirschhorn

A former FBI counterterrorism agent claims on CNN that this is the case The real capabilities and behavior of the US surveillance state are almost entirely unknown to the American public because, like most things of significance done by the …

Billboard Shows Different Messages for Kids and Adults

Media ReDEFined by jason hirschhorn

A billboard in Spain created by an organization dedicated to aiding abused children shows a different message to children and adults, even if both see the ad at the same time. The feat is achieved by use of lenticular printing, …

Wired Space Photo of the Day: Stunning Supernova

Wired Science

These delicate wisps of gas make up an object known as SNR B0519-69.0, or SNR 0519 for short. The thin, blood-red shells are actually the remnants from when an unstable progenitor star exploded violently as a supernova around 600 years …

Wired Space Photo of the Day: Blowing Bubbles in Trapezium


This glowing region reveals arcs and bubbles formed when stellar winds – streams of charged particles ejected by the Trapezium stars – collide with material.

Wired Space Photo of the Day: Moon Shadow Over Neptune

Wired Science

In 2009, amateur image processor (and philosophy professor) Ted Stryk discovered something no one had recognized before — images that show the shadow of Despina in transit across Neptune’s blue cloud tops. His composite view of Despina and its shadow …

Solving Equation of a Hit Film Script, With Data

Media Decoder

For as much as $20,000, Worldwide Motion Picture Group compares the story structure and genre of a script with those of released movies, looking for clues to box-office success.

Madeleine Albright confronted on Bilderberg & New World Order Crimes


We Are Change The post Madeleine Albright confronted on Bilderberg & New World Order Crimes appeared first on We Are Change.

Indian public cloud services market to reach $443 mn in 2013

Business Standard

The public cloud services market in India is expected to grow 36% in 2013 to total $443 million, up from $326 million in 2012, according to Gartner.

Grey finds a bright spot

Business Standard

Ad agencies take briefs from clients on a creative campaign all the time.

Galaxy S4: A star is born

Business Standard

“Parting is such sweet sorrow,” William Shakespeare had said.

PSU banks stop hiring from B-Schools after court order

Business Standard

Public sector banks are now planning to appeal in the Supreme Court against the restriction imposed on hiring from business schools.

Dorothy Parker: The Antidote to Political Correctness

The Wall Street Journal : Speakeasy

Dorothy Parker was outrageous, and not just by 1920’s standards. Even today, speaking from beyond the grave, she has the power to offend. And for many of us, that’s enough to warm our secretly defiant little hearts.

Why Professors at San Jose State Won’t Use a Harvard Professor’s MOOC

Media ReDEFined by jason hirschhorn

Professors in the philosophy department at San Jose State University are refusing to teach a philosophy course developed by edX, saying they do not want to enable what they see as a push to “replace professors, dismantle departments, and provide …

Government Lab Reveals Quantum Internet Operated Continuously For Over Two Years

Technology Review

A quantum internet capable of sending perfectly secure messages has been running at Los Alamos National Labs for the last two and a half years, say researchers …

A ‘Decadent And Depraved’ Derby With Hunter S. Thompson


Illustrator Ralph Steadman had never heard of Hunter S. Thompson before he flew to Churchill Downs on assignment to cover the Kentucky Derby. But after an unforgettable, booze-ridden weekend with the writer, Steadman’s life was never the same.

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